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Q: My Top Up card is locked, what should I do to unlock my Top Up card?

A: Kindly refer to your company's designated PIC (Person in Charge) responsible for selecting your company's calling plans


Q: My SIM card is blocked, what should I do?

A: If you do not have your PUK number you need to contact the PIC (Person in Charge) at your office who will then contact the contact centre to resolve if needed.


Q: What other ways can I get access customer service assistance?

A: You can get customer service assitance through calling our contact centre on 234, submitting an email request on the contact us centre of the website or by reaching out to us on social media.


Q: How can I find out the location of Ooredoo stores ?

A: You can find the closest store to you by checking our store locator in the support section of the website or by calling the Contact Centre on 234.


Q: What should I do when my phone or SIM card are lost?

A: First you should contact your PIC (Person in Charge) at your office and then report your SIM card lost or stolen.


Q: What should I do to unblock my SIM using my PUK?

A: If you have your PUK code, enter your PUK code when promted. If you have any issues please contact the contact centre.


Q: What is a Pin Unblocking Key (PUK)?

A: This is the code used to unlock your SIM card if you forget your PIN code.


Q: What number should I call for business customers?

A: Only the designated PIC (Person in Charge) at your offices is given a special dedicated number to contact us with speical requests. For general information, please call our contact center 234


Q: Is there a self-care website for access to customer service assistance?

A: Selfcare is available by selecting the selfcare section on the website or by downloading the self care application on the Google Play store.


Q: What should I do when my phone or SIM card is damaged?

A: Please contact your your PIC (Person in Charge) at your office who can assist you.



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