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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions below carefully for the use of Ooredoo Supernet Fiber. By activating the Service, you (“Customer”) agree and accept Terms and Conditions of Ooredoo Supernet Fiber service.

Charges quoted are subject to change according to applicable Terms & Conditions and do not include any taxes or surcharges, which shall be indicated on the monthly invoice if applicable.


  1. This Terms and Conditions are set out for Supernet Fiber services offered by Ooredoo Myanmar Limited (“OML”) and subscribed by the Customer (“Applicant”), and as amended and published by OML from time to time. This Terms and Conditions shall become a binding Agreement between OML and Customer upon signing the Service Order Form by Customer. This Terms & Conditions come into force on the date of execution and shall remain in force for twelve (12) months period (“Initial Term”). Upon the expiry of the Initial Term, the Service shall be automatically renewed for successive twelve (12) months period annually (“Renewal Term”) unless Customer notify otherwise in writing 30 days prior to the expiry of either Initial Term or each Renewal Term.

Termination , Suspension and Relocation of Services

  1. OML may terminate this Service Order Form at any time for convenience. In the event that Customer terminates this Service Order Form (or cancels the service subscription), Customer shall pay early termination fee as follow:
  • MMK 110, 000 if Customer terminates the service within three (3) to six (6) months after the service has been rendered 
  • No termination fee if Customer terminates the service after 6 months from the service commencement date
  1. Safe custody (which is temporary non-usage of the service) is available for thirty days (30) minimum to ninety (90) days maximum with safe custody fee. If the Customer desires to have safe custody, Customer shall pay fifty (50) % of monthly recurring charges as safe custody fee. This safe custody is only available for the Customer who has been using the service for minimum 90 days.
  1. OML will not charge fee for upgrade or downgrade process other than monthly fee as per bandwidth.
  1. If Customer desires to relocate the service, Customer shall pay relocation fee of MMK 70,000. In the event that Customer wishes to receive the connection at new location without obtaining relocation service, Customer may apply for new connection at new location. In the event that Customer desires to relocate the service within six (6) months from the service commencement date, Customer must pay both relocation fee (MMK 70000) and termination fee (MMK 110000). If customer request make relocate within 6 months, termination fees may apply. In such event, OML will disable the service at old location and new agreement between OML and Customer shall be entered.

Device Warranty

  1. If any damage occurs to devices provided by OML, Customer shall pay device charges for the damage which is attributable to Customer. If the defect is due to the faulty device and damage and/or defect is not attributable to Customer, OML will replace faulty device with new device. 


  1. Customer acknowledges and agrees that:
  • Customer is liable to pay all the service fees against invoices raised by OML as per details stated above;
  • Prices and surcharges are exclusive of taxes;
  • Prices may change from time to time and such changes will be notified by OML; and
  • All devices and any material provided to Customer by OML in connection with the performance of services under this Service Order Form are the properties of OML and such properties shall be returned to OML upon the termination and/or expiry of this Service Order Form. 
  • The Customer will be charged with monthly recurring charges during 1st to 5th day of every calendar month (“Monthly Recurring Charges Circle”) and Customer shall settle such payment before 22nd of such calendar month. In the event that Customer fails to settle the payment till 25th of such calendar month, the service will be suspended till the Customer fulfills its payment obligation.
  1. Customer acknowledges and agrees that payment milestone, late payment fee, payment cycle and penalty fee for non-payment for 3 months shall be in accordance with terms and conditions.

9. Devices and any material provided to Customer by OML with performance of services will be collected by OML and/or OML’s authorized personnel upon the termination or expiry of the agreement and Customer acknowledges and agrees to return aforesaid devices and materials without any damage. Customer acknowledges that failure to do so will be resulted as criminal offense since devices and material are the properties of OML.



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