• Internet pack Frequently asked questions

Internet pack FAQ

1) What is the validity for daily, weekly and monthly internet package?

Daily internet packs expire at midnight in the same day that the customer buys the package. Weekly internet pack is valid for 7 days, and all monthly packages are valid for 30 days.

2) Is there any maximum limitation for customers to buy the internet packages?

There is no maximum limitation to buy internet packages. Customer can buy the internet packages up to 99 times simultaneously.

3) If customer has many internet packages, which package will deduct first?

In case customer has several internet and/or internet gift packs simultaneously active, deduction will happen from the pack with the closest expiration date.

4) As of 10th November, can customer buy old internet packages?

No. Customers cannot buy those old internet packages as of 10th November 2016, and will receive an error message when they send SMS to 2238.

5) What will happen to customer who buy the internet package before 10th November and got double internet bonus?

Customers who already had existing internet packages and who received a double internet bonus before 10th November, can keep using those allowances. After they used up the allowances or expire those packages, they cannot buy again. Of course, they can enjoy the new internet packages!

6) Can I buy internet packs from loan (Kyo Thone) ?

Yes, you can buy internet packs from both main balance and Loan (Kyo Thone).

7) Can I buy both an Internet Pack and Facebook Unlimited Pack simultaneously?

Yes, you can. In that case when you use Facebook, the deduction will first happen from the active Facebook Unlimited pack.

8) Can I buy both an Internet Pack and Night Internet Pack simultaneously?

Yes, this is possible. When you use the Internet between 11PM and 7AM, the deduction will first happen from the active Night Internet Pack.

9) I would like to send an Internet Pack to my family and friends. How can I do this?

Yes, and it’s very easy: just dial *442# and follow the instructions.



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