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Mingalabar Myanmar

Say hello to crystal clear HD calls and fast Internet for everyone in Myanmar! With great affordable rates, Ooredoo lets you connect with anyone you wish. And our network is growing every day, so that you can enjoy the most advanced 3G & 4G technology in more and more places in Myanmar.
The World in Your Hands (Today).

Enjoy our wide range of offers. From talk, text, internet, and other various mobile solutions. With Ooredoo, the world is in your hands.
  • Visiting Myanmar

    Mingalabar and welcome to Myanmar. In Myanmar, Ooredoo provides mobile coverage using state of the art 3G technology, with a wide array of services ranging from SMS to data.

  • Roaming Overseas

    At Ooredoo, we have you covered. To roam overseas, simply follow these simple steps before you go and when you are overseas:

  • Calling Overseas

    With Ooredoo you are connected. Now you can call and text overseas at affordable prices



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