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Ooredoo SMS Pack

Price per SMS

How do I activate the Pack?

What do I get?

350Ks SMS Pack

8.75 Ks

Dial *5030#

40 Ooredoo to Ooredoo SMS messages

550Ks SMS Pack

6.88 Ks

Dial *5031#

80 Ooredoo to Ooredoo SMS messages

1100Ks SMS Pack

4.4 Ks

Dial *5032#

250 Ooredoo to Ooredoo SMS messages

•    The prices quoted are inclusive of Tax.

•    You must have an active account with Ooredoo in order to buy an SMS Pack

•    The SMS packs are only for on-net SMS messages between Ooredoo numbers

•    All SMS Packs are charged at the moment you activate them and are non-refundable and non-transferable

•    If the SMS Pack is valid for a period of 30 days, one day is calculated as twenty four (24) hours from the time of your first activation of the SMS Pack. For example, if you activate a 30 day SMS Pack on 1 April at 5pm, the SMS Pack will expire at 5pm on 30 April

•    We will send you an SMS to notify you when your subscribed SMS Pack expires or has been fully used

•    Your SMS Pack will not be automatically renewed upon expiry or when you have fully used it. You may purchase another SMS Pack when your active SMS Pack expires after 30 days or when it has been fully used

•    If you do not purchase a new SMS Pack when your current SMS Pack expires or has been fully used but you continue to use our SMS services without an active SMS Pack, we will charge you for the SMS messages you send in accordance with our standard Pay As You Go SMS charges

•    You can purchase and simultaneously activate up to three SMS packs of any type and combination. Please note that the validity period for all SMS Packs is 30 days or until you have used up your SMS Pack allowance. If you have already used 3 SMS packs in one 30 day period, you can purchase up to three of our SMS Packs to continue using our SMS services at the special SMS Pack rate. In any single 30 day period or when you have used up your SMS Pack allowance, you can activate an additional SMS Pack or up to 3- 350 Ks SMS Packs, 3- 550 Ks Packs, 3- 1100 Ks SMS Packs or a combination of all 3 Packs

•    If you have subscribed to more than one SMS Pack at any one time, your SMS packs will expire based on the respective expiration date of your activated SMS packs

•    We will deduct any charges for our On-Net SMS services from the SMS packs for the validity period before we deduct those charges from the remaining balance of your account

•    Your use of an SMS Pack is subject to our standard terms and conditions (including our fair usage policy) which are available on our website at

•    We reserve the right to withdraw or change this offer by publishing the updated details on our website



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