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What is M-Pitesan?

M-Pitesan is Ooredoo’s Mobile Money Service which is the easy and safe way to transfer and receive money, buy airtime or make payments using your mobile phone instantly, anywhere, anytime.

What are the benefits of using M-Pitesan?

M-Pitesan is the new way to secure your cash. It is the quickest way to transfer money. It is the most convenient option available for when you want to top up your airtime account and with M-Pitesan your money is always with you because you money is on your phone.

Who can use M-Pitesan services?

All mobile customers can benefit from our M-Pitesan service. You must have an Ooredoo SIM to register for the service and create a mobile wallet. However any mobile customer may transfer money to any other mobile customer by visiting any of the Ooredoo M-Pitesan agents in your neighborhood.

What is M-Pitesan Wallet?

An M-Pitesan Wallet is the same as your normal wallet you carry in your bag or your pocket. Your digital wallet or M-Pitesan wallet is created when you register for the M-Pitesan service using your Ooredoo SIM. Simply download the M-Pitesan App from your app store and follow the instructions to register. Once registered you can deposit money or top up into your digital wallet at any of the Ooredoo Agents. Every transactions on M-Pitesan Wallet are secured by your secret PIN number.

What is M-Pitesan Agent?

M-Pitesan Agent is a store where you can deposit money into your M-Pitesan wallet or withdraw money. You can easily find an M-Pitesan Agent by going onto the M-Pitesan App and selecting the “Agent Search” option.

How to register M-Pitesan?

To activate your M-Pitesan services you need to first register using your Ooredoo Number. Registration is easy and starts with visiting your Android or Apple store and downloading the M-Pitesan App free of charge. You can also dial the short *999# to start the registration process.

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Topup your M-Pitesan Account (Deposit money)

To load cash into your M-Pitesan Wallet you need to visit your nearest M-Pitesan Agent with your NRC and mobile phone. To find your nearest M-Pitesan Agents go to M-Pitesan App and select “Agent Search” or dial the short code *999#



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