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International Services

Q: Can I use my internet while roaming? How much will it cost?

A: Yes you can, but we should highlight that the costs of using the internet whilst roaming can be high. We do not have direct control over the charges that other service providers will charge for data when roaming. We would advise you to be aware of automatic updates that some social media sites operate which will use your credit whilst roaming. You can control your roaming data costs by turning off automatic updates. Tariffs are available on our roaming overseas page on our website.


Q: What are the tariffs while roaming overseas?

A: All the tariffs are available on our roaming overseas website page. When you arrive in your destination you will receive an SMS welcoming you to the roaming partner and advising you of the cost of roaming.


Q: Can I call the Ooredoo Contact Centre while roaming, what is the charge?

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Q: Will I be charged for receiving incoming international calls & SMS

A: No, the person calling you will bear the cost of the international calls and SMS.


Q: Can I call and SMS people in other countries using my Ooredoo SIM?

A: Yes, you can. Ooredoo operates an International Direct Dial (IDD) Service. You do not have to subscribe for this service as it is available already on your Ooredoo SIM. To find out the cost of calling and texting countries, please check our calling overseas page on the website.


Q: What services can I access while roaming?

A: The services vary between countries and also between operators inside a given country.


Q: What is International Roaming Service?

A: International roaming is the service that enables you to use your mobile phone in anoher country's network. The use of international roaming services in a foreign network will be charged to the customer by Ooredoo Myanmar


Q: Which countries can I roam with on an Ooredoo SIM card?

A: For full information on charges, services and countries coverage, please go to the roaming overseas page on our website.


Q: Do I need to subscribe/activate International Roaming Service on my Ooredoo SIM card?

A: No you do not have to subscribe for the roaming services. The service is enabled by default.


Q: What are the charges while roaming?

A: For full information on charges, services and which countries are covered, please visit our roaming overseas page on our website.


Q: Can I use my Ooredoo SIM card whilst travelling abroad

A: Yes you can use your Ooredoo SIM for roaming and you do not have to subscribe to the service. To check which countries and the charges whilst travelling places please check the roaming overseas page on our website.


Q: How do I turn off my internet while roaming?

A: Most devices have settings to disable usage of data services out of the home network. The way to do it differs between devices, so please consult the manual to your device to find how to do it for your particular device. You can choose to shut off “Data Roaming” and/or “Mobile Data” to avoid being charged for mobile internet when roaming


Q: How can I top up when roaming?

A: We recommend for you to take Ooredoo top up vouchers with you when you travel. You can also send an SMS to a friend or family member asking them to Top Up your phone or to transfer credit to you.



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