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Value Added Services

Q: Can I send a Voice SMS?

A: Yes you can to other Ooredoo customers. Simply put * before the phone number of the person you want to send the message to. You will hear the voice greeting and then you are prompted to record your message after the beep. You can record your message up to 20 sec in length. After finishing recording your message just press # or disconnect your call.


Q: Do you have Call Forwarding Service?

A: Yes we do. You can activate the service to forward your calls to another number when you are busy, not available or don't want to answer.


Q: How will I be charged for Voice Mail

A: The service activation, deactivation, reactivation and status check is free of charge. There is no monthly fee for using the service. Please note the caller would be charged with the regular tariff for calling your number starting from the moment the call gets forwarded to VoiceMail


Q: Do you have Voice Mail services?

A: Yes. VoiceMail is provided for all Ooredoo customers free of charge. To activate VoiceMail, you need to activate call forwarding to VoiceMail number +959970003131. And after adjusting the call forwarding setting in your mobile (all calls, calls on busy, unanswered calls and calls on not available).


Q: What value added services are available on Ooredoo 3G SIM?

A: There are many service available that are set up by default/without subscription on your SIM, e.g. call waiting, missed call alert, call me back, caller line identifier.


Q: How long will it take to activate my Value Added Services?

A: Most of the VAS services are set up by default on your SIM already, so you can start using them immediately. Please note Ooredoo can not guarantee that their VAS will be available on other networks.


Q: Will I still be charged for Value Added Services even though I do not use it after subscribing for the service?

A: If the Service has a subscription fee, then you will have to deactivate the service or continue to pay for it. If you need help, please call our Contact Centre on 234.


Q: Can I access my voice mail if I am traveling abroad?

A: You can access your VoiceMail from numbers of other mobile/fixed networks in Myanmar and from abroad by calling +959970003131



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